June 16, 2016

Instagram is growing up: Their new algorithms and what that means for your brand.

As our globe and our networks expand so do our social media networks.

On March 15th, 2016, Instagram, the fastest growing social media network, announced their latest update: an algorithm change.  This means that the company will be adapting a non-chronological news feed order.

Instead of sorting posts based on time it will be based on what it feels your friends would like to read.  This will essentially mirror what Facebook has been doing.  This change does not shock me since Facebook owns Instagram.

This new update has caused a plethora of criticism amongst users including celebrities and large online brands.

Thousands of brands across the globe have joined Instagram with the notion that Instagram can help them maximize visibility and engage consumers.  And most have been successful over the past few years.

But what happens now to those brands who have invested heavily in brand and content?  Those who are lucky enough to have large budgets to pay for media will probably weather this storm well.  But other small businesses may not be as lucky.

Small businesses will now have to invest more time and money to create content that is truly engaging.  They cannot just create more content.  Connecting with your followers, responding to comments and using calls to action will create a higher level of visibility.

The most successful brands on Instragram will be those that share content that is on-brand and engaging.

It will be vital to take the time to create a strategy that encompasses a well-defined brand and high quality content.  Keeping your brand image consistent across all media outlets will be key.


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