connectIQ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to design and execute an optimized social plan based on your historical marketing performance and the data of your competition.

From the Fortune 500 to medium-sized organizations around the world, thousands of marketers work with connectIQ to augment their social team.

how does connectIQ help my content?

connectIQ empowers content creators. By automatically ensuring that your content is seen by the largest possible audience, and by providing deep creative insight on content themes and types connectIQ ensures your posts maximize their marketing returns. You know your brand best. You know your brand’s messaging. You write great copy and make great images. You provide the content and connectIQ takes care of the rest.

what if I already use social tool(s)?

Cancel those subscriptions and save the money. When you have an artificially intelligent software like connectIQ working in tandem with your content creators and community managers, the need for analytics and management tools disappears.

how does connectIQ benefit me?

connectIQ customers have seen increases in engagement between 50%-400% in the first two months of use. When you couple that performance with the fact that connectIQ also saves those customers an average of over 10 hours/week of wasted time and $5,000/month on marketing tools, connectIQ’s value is immediate and compelling.

how do I get started?

Engaging with us is easy. We’ll set up a time to take you through a demo of the connectIQ software and introduce you to the benefits of artificial intelligence and social media marketing automation. Just click on Let’s Chat and we’ll get you started.




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